Happy New Year!

Happy Happy New Year! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas & are excited about 2012. I am very fond of New Years mostly because I love wearing party dresses & making resolutions. I made a list of goals for this year which include lots of things to be done every day. Working out, cooking healthy delicious things, taking the dog for a walk, keeping everything clean and tidy.. All good ideas, but doing them all 365 days a year seems a tad impractical. Here are some reasonable goals for my business & myself. 
  • Make connections/friends in the wedding & event industry
  • Learn how to cook so I can use some of my pretty dishes
  • Blog about things that inspire me more regularly
  • Get my website set up so everyone can see my collection
  • Comment more on blogs that do lovely things
 I think those are attainable don't you? Do you set wildly unreasonable resolutions or am I alone here?

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