The one that got away

I love scouring estate sales and vintage shops for things I must have and delight in finding something really beautiful. Occasionally I have to walk away when someone is asking too much for an item, or recently in the case of the Very Sad Umberella Holder Day. I was at Goodwill and noticed an amazing blue and white umbrella vase. I'd never even thought to want such a thing, but now it was at the top of my list.

Unfortunately it was in another woman's cart. I may or may not have followed her around the store to see if she would put it down. (She did not) I considered talking to her about it but lost the nerve and the vase. I bemoaned my luck to my husband who replied that God must have wanted her to have it. I suppose that's true but I hope He will want ME to have one soon as well. 
This is a $700 umbrella holder from Nadeau's Auction House. The one I wanted was a steal at $9.99!

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